Let us assist you with your next special occasion or when you need a sweet treat or tea. We offer specialty cookies, tarts, mini bundt cakes, biscotti, molded chocolates, and much more for any occasion. We also offer many delightful teas from India. We will talk with you, and find out your favorite flavors and combinations.  You may choose from our specialty favorites of sweets, such as shortbread cookies with cranberries and white chocolate, flavored biscotti dipped in chocolate, individual sized lemon mousse on sponge cakes, double chocolate cookies, and many more.  We make molded chocolate to fit the occasion, such as chocolate diplomas and graduation caps with school color tassels, chocolate lollipops, chocolate boxes for Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in which, you can place a special gift or more delicious chocolates.  Every order is individually priced according to quantity desired.  We will be happy to assist you in any way.  Please e-mail or call with questions.  Also, a web site is being developed for you to browse. Thank you for your considering us for your next event where sweets will be the star.

Cheryl & Kelly

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