Many of you have followed our journey for several years.  My daughter Kelly and I started our business with fine tea and specialty to order desserts about 15 years ago.  Approximately 10 years ago, we started receiving requests to do weddings and bigger events.  We have blossomed into a full service catering business!  Our specialty had been wedding cakes at a very reasonable price, cookies, candies, birthday cakes and parties.  We now seem to be doing more full service events including weddings, retirements, promotions, graduations, etc.  I have not forgotten our humble beginnings however, and I still do individual cakes, or drop off sandwich trays, and so forth.  I don’t list my menu because now we are able to accommodate almost any theme of food or dessert.  I check with the customer to see the type of event, budget, preference of food items and then we help the customer plan a spectacular event.  My daughter and I, along with a wonderful and dedicated staff, average about 1 wedding a month.  We like to dedicate our time to one special event such as a wedding once a month, and then we do smaller events, cakes,  and drop off service the other times.  We are larger than we were 10 years ago, but still considered small in the scheme of things. I have posted some pictures of cakes and events, but they truly do not represent the care and love we put into every food item that we make.  Our previous events include the average wedding of about 200-250 guests monthly, one wedding for 500 guests, a promotion party at a local military hospital for 300 guests, 900 guests at a local university film festival, retirement parties for 100 or less, birthday tea parties for 12.  We are very versatile and appreciate every customer. Please contact us for any information.  Many blessings to all who are reading our web site ….
Cheryl and Kelly